Your little genius has graduated preschool. Now what?

Let’s be honest. Many academic and parent resources are saying that Kindergarten is the new first grade. That means preschool is the new Kindergarten. As time goes on, young students are expected to understand more advanced concepts for reading, mathematics, and even science. Do you think your little genius is ready?

Have no fear, Genius PreK is here! Genius PreK uses Common Core, Engage NY, and even Texas standards to make sure preschool students are ready for Kindergarten. What’s even better? All of our resources have a Spanish equivalent! This helps parents who want to continue the learning at home, but want to do so in their native language.

For classroom teachers, Genius PreK has a summer kit available to help preschool students get ready for Kindergarten! The kit includes a CD with English and Spanish songs (songs can also be found on Spotify), printed books of our online eBooks, flashcards, finger puppets, and more! The summer kit will help reinforce the concepts that students learned at the end of the year, so they are ready when they go to kindergarten.

How can the summer kit get even better?

There’s an app! The app is an amazing tool that has videos, eBooks, and games to help make learning fun and engaging. It puts learning in the palm of their little hands! You can download the app from Amazon Appstore, Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store. You can choose to go through the lessons seamlessly by clicking the lesson icons to watch the video, read the eBook, and then the play game. Or you can choose to play individual resources at your own pace. The app also has many features for teachers, including daily routine communication with parents. You can let parents know when their little genius started nap time, what they learned during the day, who they played with at free time, and more! The app sends a notification to the parent in the parent’s native language.

How do I keep my kids physically active while still using these awesome tools? Won’t my little one become a bump on a log?

The summer time is an easy time to become a couch potato. If there’s one thing that I have learned from my teaching experiences, however, you can turn anything into a fun, physical game. Trust me. With all the knowledge they will be obtaining to succeed in school, your students will need to burn off some energy and get those wiggles out. I can think of multiple examples, but I’ll focus one.

One of our eBooks talks about segmenting syllables into words and uses a frog character to jump on the syllables to count them. The word “elephant” has three syllables. Have your students jump three times with the frog, and so on. You can also use clapping to teach this concept as well, but how adorable would it be to see your preschoolers hopping like frogs to count the syllables?

Okay my little genius has watched the videos, read the eBooks, and played the games. Now what?

Another way to reinforce the concepts learned over the summer (and throughout the school year) is creating your own Sparks! Sparks are the online resources that you watch, read, and play that are created by our Genius Plaza educators. Work together as a class to create a resource or parents can create Sparks with their little one at home. Create your own video, eBook, or game! Watch these instructional videos to learn how: How to Create an EBookHow to Create a Game, and How to Create a Video.

You can see more PreK fun on our Genius PreK Facebook page, on our Instagram page, or on the Genius Plaza website.

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