What Science Says: Augmented Reality & Art (Part One)

What Does Science Say about AR and Student Motivation?

Staying relevant as an educator is tough! There are two big issues when it comes to capturing and keeping student engagement high throughout the lesson. 1) General apathy on a topic or subject matter; 2) Lack of contextualization into why it matters. Apathy and lack of contextualization fuel each other and play out in groans from the room of daydreaming and fidgeting students. In recent years, augmented reality has been shown to boost excitement in the classroom. But what does that look like? And what does the scientific community say on the benefits towards student motivation? In this series, we will look at various studies, topics, and examine the findings. 

Visual Arts + Augmented Reality 

One middle school used augmented reality technology to teach a module in a visual arts course. There was a study conducted to see how it impacted the classroom. What did they find? During the course, augmented reality boosted the learning environment in the following ways:

Genius XR,
Findings from a student of AR and arts education


3 AR Art Resources

3) Art.com

An AR art viewing app. This app was originally made to help home decorators and curators visualize before buying. There is so much education potential here for the classroom.  Teachers and students can view works of art from the classroom, no field trip required! Group activities for students to create their own exhibit and become a curator. Have each group pick an art style or influence for their curation and write accompanying reports on the time period and life of the artists. Be careful your newly motivated students do not purchase any paintings from the app! Available for  iOS Devices

Genius XR

Art.com AR App

2)Color Alive

This fun visual augmented reality app lets your drawings pop off the page. Art teachers can add this playful game to the class experience. How magical is it when something you make is placed in 3D? For these reasons, young kids can fall in love with art and expand their creativity and imagination! Crayola has coloring books that accompany this app. This app works best seated in a desk.

AR coloring!
AR coloring!

1) GIPHY World

There is no age limit to appreciating a GIF. These looped animations are fun for students and culturally relevant to their social interactions. Why not bring it into the classroom? Students will have so much fun adding animated GIFs to the classroom. Be careful of graphics or inappropriate content. Use it first before sharing out with your class. This app will get your students up out of their chairs and exploring all over the room!


Are you an art educator and have tried augmented reality in the classroom? Let us know in the comments below how you see these two worlds colliding? How would you use AR in your art class? What kinds of tools do you want to see for AR art tools?

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