Genius Plaza Innovates Educational Content through Virtual Reality

360° video is an impactful tool for storytelling, learning, and making connections. When wearing a virtual reality headset, the viewer becomes fully immersed within a real-time environment, gaining the ability to view their surroundings in their entirety. Currently, this technology is most prominently used in journalism and filmmaking, to show a fuller scope of experiences.

Virtual reality’s power rests in its inherently organic design; the medium uses the same spatial views we are accustomed to when viewing our world. This technology elevates learning and brings content to life. 360° video and virtual reality content allow educators an illustrious new tool to give context, build understanding, and entice students to engage with curricula.

“Genius Plaza believes that technology has a pivotal role to play in democratizing education,” says Ana Roca Castro, Founder & CEO, Genius Plaza. Through this emerging medium, the company has created and curated 360° virtual reality experiences, which transport students to the work locations of inspiring Learning Champions™. These original videos are nested in the company’s award-winning teaching platform, making Career Day any day on Genius Plaza. Educators and students can select from an array of STEAM professions to read eBooks, learn associated vocabulary, and immerse within the profession of their choice in English and Spanish.

Learning Champions™ are as diverse as the students in your classrooms, and share their personal and professional journeys on the Genius Plaza platform. Students can take an entire lesson around an individual Learning Champion™.  The company offers comprehensive lessons and virtual reality teaching content in both English and Spanish. 360° video and virtual reality lessons come with an associated eBook, printable worksheet, online assessment, and sit-down interview with each professional.

When students observe, for themselves, the day-to-day work and technological processes of various STEAM careers through our 360° virtual reality experiences, they make gains in their depth of knowledge on the plethora of options for their own futures, and educators see greater engagement and participation. This unique tour teaches learners a combination of spoken and simulated information, inside virtual learning experience.

Genius Plaza is leading the way with STEAM career content, bridging the gap of access to high profile professionals and specialized careers. Students will dream as far as their imaginations will allow. With 360° video and virtual reality career content their aspirations are primed for exploration, in full view.

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