Traveling with kids during the holidays

Holidays can be challenging for parents traveling with kids. It could be a trip to grandma’s house or overseas, during this season there are always long lines and busy highways.

Before packing the car or heading to the airport with your kids, remember these useful tips for a stress-free holiday.

1. Download educational apps and/or pack toys for your kids. If you are more on the tech side, download educational apps to keep your children entertained along the road. I recommend 
downloading the following apps: Genius PreK or Genius Plaza Games. Make sure your children take breaks every 15-30 minutes. Another option is to have children pack their own toys for the duration of the travel. This will keep them entertained. I propose their favorite book, a fun coloring book and crayons or other writing/coloring materials.

  1. Pack enough snacks and water. Hunger is real and more so when dealing with young kids. I always suggest packing bananas, granola bars, crackers, nuts, and string cheese. Water is the best on-the-go beverage because kids only drink as much as they need, which will cut down on emergency bathroom breaks, says Vicki Lansky, author of Trouble-Free Travel with Children.
  2. Delegate and include your kids in the planning. Yes, delegate! Kids can also do! The more you include the kids in your holiday plans, the more they feel invested in and identified with the idea of a vacation. If it’s not a surprise, it’s always good to keep children busy and excited about vacations. Make a list with your kids of places you may want to visit, have them pack their own snacks for the trip on the way there or even have them help pack their bags.
  3. Set rules. The more you explain to kids what rules you expect them to follow, the more secure they will feel on how to react to certain situations. Having clear rules for your children to follow and making sure they understand them is golden when traveling. Remind them what the rules are and the benefits of respecting the rules.

Bottom line is to always organize and plan ahead of time, this can save you time and money. Do not forget to have fun and enjoy the real reason for the holidays: joy and special times with your loved ones!

Ana Cruz

Early Childhood Educator turning ideas into reality - I believe that every child is a potential genius.

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