Time and Technology in the Classroom

Time is Everything

Time is a commodity. The trick is to be the most efficient with the little time we have. This is especially true for teachers as they are asked to juggle curriculum, testing, student behavior, reports, parent communication and more. We live in a day and age where a dozen tech tools come out each week. Now more than ever, teachers have to be more discerning of each of those tools. Many teachers follow a simple formula to decide if a new technology is right for them.

Choosing Tech Tools


The formula for choosing if a technology is right for them is as follows. Does the tool solve a problem? Does it allow for creativity? Will it be easy to integrate or be extremely quick to learn? For that reason, new technology in the classroom has to meet any of these variables to be considered and worthy of the classroom. As a result, the Genius XR team has created a digital XR Makerspace to fit within the realities of classroom teaching.

The XR Makerspace from Genius XR allows both teachers and students to create augmented reality experiences and personalize their own content. It is simple to integrate into any classroom and it is easy to learn and to use. In classroom use is endless! Photos, videos, titles, and descriptions are 

Most importantly, GeniusXR has involved the education community from the start. We believe in a community-centered approach to building this platform. Through input from teachers and students along the way, the team is gathering how to create for today’s classroom. New features are built from the imagination of students across the country and refined to make classroom implementation simple for teachers. These conversations are open to all educators interested in augmented reality for teaching and learning. Email GeniusXR@geniusplaza.com to join our beta testing list to try out our prelaunch features or let us know if you want to pilot the completed program in the fall.

Now that our first lesson is out on the Apple App Store we invite you to share feedback. Let us know in the comments below what kinds of augmented reality experiences would benefit your students.

XRMakerspace will allow students to make in augmented reality in July 2018

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