The unveiling of Genius PreK

Growing up in Mexico City, my grandmothers, mother, and aunt were educators, which meant we lived in a learning household. In fact, our childhood home had been a preschool until we were born. I was fortunate to see the passion and commitment of preschool teachers in my mom and aunt – which is I’m so excited about one of my favorite products we unveiled at UnidosUS (formerly NCLR) Annual Conference earlier this week.

Genius PreK is a program providing bilingual educational resources, online and via an app, allowing parents to help their young children prepare for kindergarten. The program, created by certified teachers, is bilingual and works to develop skills in language arts, math, and science (including STEAM).

At Genius Plaza, we are committed to igniting the genius in every child, regardless of zip code, starting in PreK. Research has shown all children benefit from preschool, primarily poor and disadvantaged children.  All learners are invited to learn using resources such as games and ebooks.  

Genius PreK includes animations from STEAM career professionals who look like our students. As our founder and CEO Ana Roca Castro likes to point out, we need to expose preschool students to careers at an early age, before anyone can tell them “no.”

Recently, University of Washington president Ana Mari Cauce was quoted as saying, “If you’re thinking about STEM education, whether it’s women or underrepresented minorities, you really have to be thinking about it from cradle to college.” She added, “By the time they hit kindergarten, many of them are already behind. There is leakage in every step of the pipeline, so you have to have programs at every step of the pipeline.”

Genius PreK will help provide access to resources for impact at an early age, something of critical importance, and something I know the educators in my family will be proud to see.


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