The Young people are encouraged to promote sustainable development in their communities
The Next Generation

The Young people are encouraged to promote sustainable development in their communities through the use of technology. By opening themselves up, and freely talking about their future; the challenges they face in their daily lives, they find solutions and the way forward on how to overcome the obstacles in their way to development. Genius Plaza, highly encourages the young people to be so innovative and industrious. Through its education platform, Genius Plaza provides opportunities through education technology which gives students room to challenge themselves to be the flag bearers in developing their own communities. This in the long run, will enable the young people to interact actively & widely amongst themselves and with foreigners; to share brilliant ideas concerning the development of their own country opening up opportunities for themselves as well as the generations to come. The major reason for this action is to bridge the gap between the young people (students), the surrounding communities and foreigners so as to discuss personal and communal development-Africa.

The Gaps;

In general, people living in rural areas have difficulty in getting information about the world because of limited access to the media such as television, internet or radio. This makes it harder for them to think about making their future brighter.  This situation is evident in our local communities. While students in some parts of Africa can get information through education and Internet, the local people in other communities can only  get  information from  Radios and sometimes television. This has widened the gap of awareness between international students and the local students. In this situation, people have difficulty to discuss the futures and cooperate. And even amongst African students, they hesitate to talk about their ambitions because of the above reasons. This means that people don’t connect as co-creators in Africa.

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