The New Game Of Blobland

Blobland is an educational game that since its release on June 15 of this year, has played into the children’s taste, working to become one of the best educational games available.

Game BloblandIn the development process, the game has undergone many changes. At begins only had 15 levels that after many changes, thanks to the help of comments from users and field investigations, have become 50 levels of four different types. Count numbers, write numbers, sum of two-digit numbers or sum of one-digit numbers, all this while playing races, putting Blobs on a raft, drawing numbers in a fountain or live the adventure in the treasure temple. Blobland provides endless possibilities for children while learning math.

This game born from the interest to help children’s to create love for numbers, aware that it is one of the problem subjects in the school years and knowing the importance of promoting this knowledge in the first years of education in life of the kids. Blobland has had with the help of parents and teachers who have been an important part in what is now the game and is always looking for new people who fall in love with the project and get involved to create a better future in early childhood education.

Suscribe to the game

Blobland can be downloaded from any digital store for free and everyone can enjoy the 50 levels we have worked for the enjoyment of children. If you want to be part of us and be aware of the whole process of creating Blobland, subscribe at and be part of us to achieve a true change in childhood education.

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