The holiday season is here! Here are 5 tips to deal with the stressful holiday season when having young children.

Let’s face it. Even though we plan ahead and organize ourselves, the holiday season can be stressful and even more so when you are a parent of young children. That’s why it’s so important to take a step back and realize what really matters this time of the year: spending time with your family and appreciating others around you.

Here are 5 tips to deal with the stressful holiday season when having young children.

  1. Have your children help plan for parties, events, and chores too! Delegate. Have your kids as part of the holiday’s routines, we want to make sure we have the house clean and ready to receive guests. Things can get messy with all the holiday planning! Have you heard of cleaning charts for young kids? What a life-saver. Follow this link

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     2) Online holiday shopping. Have you tried online shopping? No lines, no traffic nightmare, no kids whining that they want that toy!

     3) Simplify the gift list. Sometimes we think that buying a lot of gifts for our kids is the best option. But remember the golden rule, less is more. What about the moments you shared that brought you happiness and joy? No more last-minute shopping because the kids need a lot of gifts! Realize that less is more. Your kids and family will appreciate being able to spend more time with you without feeling tired or stressed out than receiving tons of gifts and not being able to share those moments with you.


4) Take breaks. Not everything needs to be accomplished in a day! We know that writing a to-do list can help us stay organized, but sometimes the list can’t be completed either! Young children take most of your energy when planning for holidays, so take breaks! Yes! Send the kids to grandma’s, take a bubble bath, take the holiday decorations down tomorrow.


5) Enjoy the holidays. Isn’t this the best time of the year to be grateful and appreciate the joy that your family brings to your life? Appreciate, relax and smile.

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