The First Day of School!

On Thursday of our first week as Customer Happiness interns, we traveled to Gregorio Luperón High School for Math & Science in Washington Heights. Having grown up in a small town with a small school district, I was in awe of both the size and modernity of the high school.

The student and teacher populations at Gregorio Luperón are also very different than those at my school district. Growing up in a suburban, almost rural school district, meant very little diversity. The vibrant teacher and student population at Gregorio Luperón High School is just the opposite.

The diversity of Gregorio Luperón will be reflected in the content created by users. This is the case for all schools and users using Genius Plaza. Having users from not only the United States, but also from a number of different countries, including Colombia and Mexico, increases the experiences and cultures users are exposed to while using the platform. All of this makes the website more exciting to use, but it also has a much deeper value. Being exposed to cultures beyond your own has immeasurable benefits.

Although every school may not have the diversity of somewhere like Gregorio Luperón, that does not mean students cannot be connected to different cultures. A school like my high school could gain new insights from using Genius Plaza. Growing up surrounded by people and ideas different from your own undoubtedly makes someone more receptive to new experiences outside their comfort zone. Learning this way helps create a new generation of more open-minded and inclusive thinkers.

The teachers we met were receptive to the idea of new technology for the classroom and beyond. The idea that Genius Plaza’s resources are not only for the classroom, but also for at-home student usage is exciting. Another appealing aspect of the platform is the many options for co-creating. Students can choose between creating an eBook, video, printable, exercise, vocabulary set, or game.

When I was in school, teachers would have us re-teach lessons in front of our class. Genius Plaza offers a new and innovative twist to the idea of re-teaching. With Genius Plaza, students have more freedom to choose a method of re-teaching that they feel would be most beneficial to their peers and themselves. The co-creations also make re-teaching more enjoyable.

Students are able to incorporate technology, like filming a video or creating their own game. This means students are not only learning their course material, but also increasing their knowledge base of current technologies. This thereby prepares students to one day enter a competitive workforce that revolves around technological usage.

We are now in our third week of our internship, but in just the first few days of becoming a member of the Genius Plaza team, I felt at home. Not only are all the team members friendly and enthusiastic, but they are always willing to stop what they are doing and help. All of this makes me excited for the next seven weeks and thrilled to be a part of the team.

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