The Classic Chalkboard Game with an Edtech Twist

The Classic Chalkboard Game with an Edtech Twist:                

Hangman by Genius Plaza brings the classic game to a digital format! The app is a fun game that offers the option to play existing games created by Genius Plaza educators, OR having teachers, students, and parents create their own Hangman games. Hangman offers the option to personalize the learning for students of all ages and abilities.

When you open the app, it has all the grade options to search for games that they have already been created for those specific grade levels. There are parent and teacher buttons for you access as well. You can assign your students a game to play or create a game based on a topic that you are learning about in your classroom. When you create a game, you can make the game as easy or as difficult as you want based on your students and their academic performance. It’s incredibly easy to use! You can format and pose each question however you would like. I created a ten question Hangman game that was asking about soccer terminology (since most of the students I work with are OBSESSED with soccer). I geared the questions toward 3rd-5th grades. I asked three types of questions. I did the typical 5W questions, as well as fill in the blank questions. In addition, I asked questions like “This player tries to score for their team.”

As opposed to the classic chalkboard version, the Hangman app caters to different learning styles. On top of personalizing the game to a specific topic, there is also the option of adding images to each question to offer a clue to students that might be visual learners. For the image options, you can either access images from Genius Plaza’s bank, pull images from a search engine, or take your own photos! For auditory learners, there is the option where you can record audio of you reading the question. This option helps students who are not strong readers but still want to participate in the game. There is a button where students can turn off the audio as well. Recording is very simple and you can do it on any mobile device. You hit record, read the question, hit “save and add another question”, and you’re done. If you are having the students create their own game, you can use this to assess their reading capabilities without them realizing it! When I was a student, I HATED reading out loud. This gives students the chance to read out loud without feeling self-conscious. This game appeals to our kinesthetic learners as well because they can touch buttons and see the result right in front them.

Hangman is a game that anyone can play and use to create games. It empowers students to take charge of their learning and offers teachers an easy alternative to assessing spelling and vocabulary review besides writing exams. The app is an educational tool that personalizes fun learning for any age.

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