Technology in teaching methods.

In the educational field, new innovations and improvements are constantly being discovered to facilitate learning. Teachers live in constant search of teaching methods or strategies that allow them to help children expand their knowledge in the most productive and simple way.

A teaching method is a set of strategies and principles that teachers put into practice when teaching. These methods include both how to teach and how to evaluate students. Normally the schools adopt one or another teaching method (that coincides with the the educational center principles), although each teacher in the classroom can also adopt an appropriate methodology for the subject to be taught. But what is the best educational method for children?

The main objective of alternative teaching methods is giving more autonomy to children. To allow them to choose the pace and the way they want to learn. Each method can be adapted to convenience by the teacher or the needs of the student, but all methods pursue similar results in their own style and rhythm.

Strategies such as The Montessori Method, The Waldorf Method, The Harkness Method, among others, have set for decades the parameters of how initial education should be to manifest the potential of children. However, what role does technology play in these teaching methods? In today’s world, where parents teach children how to use a tablet before learning to speak, how can we combine technology with our children’s education?

Technology is already an indispensable element for children today. Why fight against something that parents give their children at such an early age so they can learn through apps and games? Currently children learn to use a tablet or smartphone before learning most school topics. But this is not bad as long as we use it wisely, since technological devices help us open up possibilities for the child that often the parents can not provide themselves. Today’s children can learn languages, colors, names of figures, animals, sounds, courtesy rules and even mathematics, long before they enter preschool, thanks to the content they see in smart devices. What does that mean? That every day it becomes more essential to include the use of these devices in the teaching methods of educational centers.

Studies have shown that education is more important in the initial stage because poor preparation during preschool can mean a history of failure in secondary education. And, without a doubt, mathematics has been the biggest problem in history for many children in their childhood. Therefore, if we already allow them to use the tablet or the smart phone, why not do so for a productive purpose? Due ignorance? Maybe. In that sense, we should take advantage of the resources at hand to expand the education of our children in the most healthy and fun way possible. Among the applications that can be used to learn mathematics, we highlight Blobland. It is a game that can be used by children from 4 years of age, or even younger depending on the child’s skill, in which they learn math in an easier, fun way. The game teaches them to sum by associating numbers with tangible elements and allowing them to manipulate them in different ways. It is a game designed to capture the attention of children with their colors and sounds so that, as they progress, they begin to learn the basics of addition. In Blobland we can identify the ABN methods, which is a method currently very famous in Spain, but that others can know as the mathematics of Singapore.

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