Technology in Preschool Classrooms

Tecnologia educativaWorking in the early childhood education sector is a challenge. With the passage of time and the advancements in technology, each generation demonstrates different levels of attention and assimilation speed. Before, it was common for schools to use abacuses, cubes, and educational materials to teach children words, numbers, shapes, among other things. However, today children are more attracted to SMART devices. Whether it be a tablet or a smartphone, children use these technologies as their new toys.

Therefore, the implementation of technological resources in the classroom has been a successful option for years.  These resources provide numerous advantages to teachers and students when it comes to the implementation of their educational methodology. Besides, it is proven that it is easier to capture  and retain the attention of children with visually rich resources, which can be reinforced through audio and animations. Let’s face it, it is easier to use motion graphics or video games to teach them about nature, animals, plants, and numbers than to explain it to them on paper. It gets them excited and fosters their natural curiosity. It can even help them see numbers as their friends and not something to be intimidated about.

It is always important to keep in mind that each child is different. They all have different rhythms and interests. This is something that technology can help with because it provides us with different ways to scaffold the teaching material and personalize it to each child’s individual needs.  It can also foster teamwork by having them work together towards a common goal.

Tecnología educativaTeachers are responsible for defining the presence that each device will have in their classroom and must use different tactics and strategies that help them achieve their objective, develop a fun educational environment. Therefore, it is important for teachers to know about the tools that will help them provide this knowledge to their students, tools that can be used both in the classroom and at home with parents. It can transform the way a child sees a tablet. It can help them understand that is not just a gaming device but a tool they play like a game as they work on their homework and further their learning.  

At Genius Plaza we work with a large team of qualified teachers that continuously develop applications designed to help parents and teachers increase their children’s learning in languages, STEM, among others.  All of this while the children play and have fun.

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