A Teacher’s Potential

Genius Plaza Teacher's potential

Take great pride in being a teacher.  It is having to deal with young people, whose minds cannot be compared today and over the past years. We must always remember just how important teachers and their potential are to our communities. Sure, the government and political leaders ensure our safety by building infrastructure and providing security for us all. But associations like teachers are absolutely essential to figuring out on a grassroots level what our communities need. Genius Classrooms; the education platform we need for underserved communities to create a genius in Africa with improved test scores reflected richer classroom conversations, deeper critical thinking, and a more rigorous approach to teaching and learning.

Teachers Tackle Social Problems

Teachers have been at the forefront of promoting government programs as well as working towards to betterment of their communities. But not just in times of emergencies where we teachers excel. We are where the tire meets the road, so to say. Our great strengths as teachers are our unflinching willingness to tackle social problems. As teachers, we cannot let this strength of ours weaken. We have to seize this moment- now, today, this very hour and in the days to come. We must draw a line in the sand and say we will stand up for civic engagement. Let us will go ahead and find a way to energise and motivate our fellow teachers in other parts of the country and across borders and envision to them our noble roles as educators and influencers in society so as to remain at the top of our game. We must, therefore, work in unison and as a unit, motivating others a to be a vehicle of impact to societies and not just become backbenchers but rather become the energy in our communities. This is how we unlock our teacher’s potential. 

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