Balance Family, Work and Their Social Life As A Teacher

It’s important to balance your personal and professional life as a teacher. But this can be extremely difficult, especially when teaching in underserved communities. Nancy, a teacher from Uganda, shares her experience on balancing her life.

Nancy’s Story

In her narrative, teacher Nancy says, “she kind of stepped up the plate, she was at the stage of her life when she couldn’t run the bases anymore and it was time to settle down and give back to the community.” Nancy needed to work on balancing her life as a teacher. It’s not that she had a lot of empty hours in her days. But she made it a priority to arrange the time to make it happen. Her volunteer time doesn’t add to her stress- it reduces it. “It’s actually a stress reliever,” said Nancy, 48yrs old, married and a mother of three.

Nancy Genius Plaza Balance Teacher Life

Simply put, serving as a teacher makes her complete. The self- described “good-humored lady” who is joyful and loves to talk, said interaction with her students and fellow teachers as well as new faces is the best part about her own experience. In the busy age of multitasking, cellphones, and text messaging, it is not easy being a teacher and balancing family, work and social life. But it can be done.

Finding Your Balance

Teachers who juggle multiple responsibilities say it takes forethought and commitment- and sometimes an extra dose of patience or caffeine- but over the long haul, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Finding time in their respective schedules requires some fancy footwork and diligent planning. Through this year’s back- to- school program, the teachers doubling as parents as well, provided supplies as well as clothing and shoes for their children. “I absolutely love this program and it makes me feel good,” said teacher Ruth as she eavesdropped on our conversation. “If you give your time to something, it gives back to you tenfold or more.”

“Both our families were very involved in community work and deeply connected to their families a way of life we teacher must take on so as to remain relevant besides our professions, we must remain committed wives, great mothers and the best teachers our communities can have by being inclusive in all activities of our societies.

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