Why Students Need to Have Pride

Students do so much work: day after day, assessment after assessment. It’s so important, as a teacher, to do whatever possible to keep this process fresh and meaningful for the students. If a student cares about what he or she is doing, there will be more attention to detail and overall effort.  Little effort and little attention to detail can get in the way of true assessment. To get an accurate representation of what the student knows, his or her efforts must be sincere.


Here are two ways to keep assignments and assessments important in the minds of students.


Make sure their interest is sparked


It would be great if an assignment perked the attention of every student, but the variety of students and personalities in the classroom makes this impossible. There are still ways to reach this goal. Give the student some autonomy. If they can have some say regarding the topic of their assignment, they will be more invested in it. This is most often an option in language arts. A writing piece or a research project can allow students to choose a topic related to their own interests, while the assignment still assesses exactly what is needed.

Give students exciting ways to share their knowledge


Writing on paper is not a process that should be ignored, but it can get stale. Adding variety will not only decrease how stale it feels when there are paper assignments; non-traditional assignments are then opportunities for students to place importance on the given task. What are some types of assignments that stray from the pencil and paper? Students can submit blogs or message board posts. They can make their own eBooks online. Students can film videos. These types of assignments can be viewed as inherently more dynamic. It’s also important to note that with assignments like these, a student’s peers will see what they do. These factors give students reasons to be picky about their work, perfecting it. Handing in a paper to the teacher is much different than publishing an eBook online. The paper goes into the hands of a teacher, but the eBook can be seen by many, and even shared by the author with friends or parents. This gives a student more ownership over their work, and in turn, it encourages them to work on it with more effort and seriousness.


Genius Plaza is a perfect way to allow students to create their own eBooks and videos. Use the link below to explore and see how it can help keep things fresh and exciting in the classroom.

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