Children Sparking the Planets

Amazing to see the children interest in the technology.
Children in Uganda using Genius Plaza resources.

As I see my 13 year old daughter graduate from 8th grade, I can’t help but think: THEY LIVE ON DIFFERENT PLANETS! Children in different age groups and grades make for a different experience in the way they enjoy managing their content. At those early ages, I didn’t have access to advance technology or internet at all times. I would ask questions directly to my teachers and learn through my conversations with friends….hmmm… about what is happening in the world? Notttt!!! I wasn’t so sure about what was happening in the world.

Children think in extremely creative ways and they live on their own age/grade planet. We see how children who have access to technology today are “SPARKING” by consulting their friends about questions related to school work. Whether it is about dancing and/or the latest political news, they are constantly doing research, discussing their findings and bringing them to their daily conversations. If we stop as parents and teachers to look very closely: IT WORKS!!!

Now the challenge is to see how to empower kids with no access to internet or technology equipment to have access to better quality and engaging educations. About 60% of the world today have no internet or online access.

In finding a solution, I am proud to be part of a team that is currently developing an offline version of the Genius Plaza learning product. We are now working with teachers and students in the Uganda region of Africa, to provide them with access to technological devices. Each device provided will have access to ebooks and videos that other children around the world have created and the opportunity to create their own. Everytime a video or an ebook is created, a SPARK is created.

Wondering how to contribute to our mission? We all can help! Visit and create a SPARK ebook or video and make your children part of the project. After you’ve finished your creation, submit it to the platform to help other children get engaged in their education.

We can all be a part of spreading quality education around the world, by SPARKING FOR ALL THESE PLANETS!

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