Back to School Traditions

 New Traditions

One of my favorite new traditions for back to school is seeing my Facebook feed full of photos of my nephews and friends’ kids returning to school. Thank you Malu, Magdalena, Rosemary, Laura, and Patty for letting me share your photos.


back to school back to school traditionsback to school traditions

back to school traditionsback to school traditionsback to school traditions


That is why I loved the DIY videos that our teams created in English and Spanish.  

This year, I also found many images from educators and administrators on Twitter celebrating and preparing for the new academic year.  Some of my favorite ones were from Carolina Quesada, Cristina Silerio, Houston ISD Español and Eagle View Elementary School.

Importance of Back to School Celebrations

As I looked at these posts, I began to think about why this is important, and found this piece from, which speaks about why the most important day to celebrate is the first day of school.  We want students to understand the importance of education, and celebrating the first day is a touchstone, positively impacting students in the long-term.

Creating and Starting New Routines

In addition to the celebration, this is a time when many parents begin or restart routines.  We thought this blog from Triad Moms on Main provided some great insight on the importance of back-to-school routines, and my colleague Erika wrote a letter to Kindergarten Parents that reinforces sticking to the basics at home when kids begin school.

I asked family and friends about their own traditions, in addition to the photos.  My sister lets the kids decide what they want for dinner the night before the first day of school.  My good friend Laura takes her son Nico for ice cream after the first day of school so they can talk about his new class, teacher, etc.


 back to school traditions

What traditions do you have? We would love to see your photos and learn about your traditions and routines – please share in the comments below!

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