Empowering Students to Teach

Informal and Formal Assessments

As a teacher, I am always looking for fun and creative ways to conduct informal and formal assessments. When conducting informal assessments, I am checking to see if my students understand the topic, and can analyze and evaluate what they have learned. The most common informal assessments I use are exit tickets. Exit tickets are a great tool, providing me with insight on what my students know and do not know. But every now and then, I like to switch up the informal assessment methods to bring some excitement and creativity to the classroom.


Boosting Students’ Participation

Using technology in my classroom really seems to boost my students’ participation and motivation to learn. This is why I love working with teachers to use Genius Plaza, an education technology platform. Genius Plaza provides teachers, students, and parents with relatable content in math, ELA, and science. But that’s not all – the best part is the platform allows students to be protagonists of their own learning, giving them the option to create their own eBook, video, game, and/or exercise. Through the use of these resources, students can teach us what they have learned from a lesson.



The option to create any of these resources is truly a game-changer. As we all know, our students are each different, and a method that caters to one may not cater to another. The re-teaching options motivate my students to create content using a resource that best fits their learning needs and personality. Here is one of my students re-teaching – via a video – what they learned after reading and watching a Genius Plaza lesson on venture capitalist Brian Dixon.

I was truly surprised and ecstatic to see that one of our Genius students could create a video like this one! It was evident that he planned out what he wanted to record, drafted a script, recorded the video, and reviewed and revised the script and video. To my delight, I noticed he was not only able to reflect on what he learned, but he provided us with further insight on the topic.  The information was not in the lesson, and discussed the benefits of the career in his community.


Free Re-Teaching Resources

Genius Plaza re-teaching resources are a fantastic way to incorporate technology in your classroom, while engaging your students in a creative way. I invite you to visit us at www.Geniusplaza.com


I would love to hear from you, feel free to contact me at Paola@geniusplaza.com

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