Preparing for Shark Week

Shark Week’s 30th year anniversary is almost upon us! July 22nd will be the beginning of the bloody, addictive television program Shark Week. The weeklong series that is featured on the Discovery Channel focuses on a diversity of shark species and takes a deep dive into their lives, habits, and environment. The program is incredibly educational and promotes conservation around sharks.

Shark Week is all about one of the ocean’s apex predators and sometimes the content is not exactly kid friendly. For example in 2016, the Discovery Channel featured an episode on the violent mating rituals of some shark species. Additionally, plenty of other TV and streaming channels will feature shark related content that can be rated R. As parents, we need to ensure all our shark week activities are age appropriate.

So how do you prepare for an educational, age appropriate, fun, and unforgettable shark week with your childs?

Here are my top 5 tips!
  1. Read about the Discovery Channel episodes ahead of time and watch their related clips. This will give you a sense of what is and isn’t age appropriate.
  2. Let your kids read shark fiction and educational books. This will get them excited about Shark Week and they will be able to have a general understanding of sharks before the week even starts.
  3. Find the kids shark games on the Discovery Channel website. They will be able to test their knowledge and have fun at the same time.
  4. Visit your local aquarium to see and learn about sharks in real life. Nothing connects kids more to what they are learning than a real-world experience.
  5. Plan shark-related activities for your kids based on what they like.

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