Preparing for Our First Conference

Preparing for Our First Conference

Genius Adventures is getting ready to hit the road and go to our first conference next week! We’ll be making the long haul from Clifton Park, New York all the way to Buffalo for the Serious Play Conference from July 17th to July 19th. As excited as we are to get there, we encountered some issues while we were planning the trip. Let’s talk about the challenges of preparing for a game conference.

  1. Registration

The first order of business is to actually register for the conference. Make sure you don’t just buy a pass to attend the convention; there is a completely different process for if you want to be a vendor at the event. If you are a vendor or exhibitor, then you will have your own area for people to visit and learn about your product. If you just register as a visitor, you’ll still have a great time at the conference, but you’ll be left without a space to showcase the incredible game that you’ve spent months creating.

2) Money Money Money!

Get ready to dig into those pockets, Adventurers, because these conferences can be EXPENSIVE! It can be much more expensive for vendors to attend conferences than regular visitors, especially since you will most likely be there for a few days. The cost is worth it, but be ready for an investment. If you are traveling farther away from home, don’t forget to reserve a hotel room, rent a car, or buy food! It’s all fun and games until you realize you only have the budget to eat fast food, three meals a day, for four days in a row.

3) Conference Materials

You’ve finally arrived at your first convention! Congratulations! Hundreds of people stop by your booth, play your game, and then go home with a fantastic memory of the game. While they are talking to their friends about the conference, they suddenly can’t remember what your game is called… and then they never played it again. Seems like a sad story, right? You can make sure you are prepared with materials so this doesn’t happen! Here is a list of materials that we recommend to take with you:

  • Copies of your game!
    • Make sure you have enough copies of your game to have a few games going at any moment. The more people that play, the more likely it is that the news of your groundbreaking project will travel! Plus, this is a great opportunity to get feedback about your game… maybe your audience will notice something that you missed!
  • Signs and Advertising!
    • Without any sort advertising, nobody will know what your game is or who you are, and you will miss out on a lot of traffic. If you have signs, banners, or a tablecloth, these will catch visitors’ eyes to draw them to your game. You should also have fliers or something that gives visitors a lot of information about your game so they remember who you are and what the game is.
    • Visitors also love SWAG! Try to have some sort of cool handout for visitors to your table; this will help get the name of your game out into the wild. Have pens! Folders! Backpacks! Phone stands! Flash drives! If it is something that a visitor can keep, and if it has your company or game on it, then you are good to go.

4) Networking

  • The board game community is small, tight, and word travels fast. Take the opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who will not only understand your game easily, but will be eager to play and spread the word to their other friends. Have business cards to hand out, and promote your social media as well. If you make a lot of friends and distribute your information, it increases the chances of your game launching like wildfire. This is also a great time to have a social media campaign! Spread the word that you will be at the convention and are looking for people to play your game. Post pictures and videos of the event, and maybe even hold a giveaway for a copy of your game!

5) Enjoy yourself!

6) Even though you are there to promote your game, don’t miss any other great opportunities from the convention. Are there any other hot, new games that you’ve been itching to play? Are there workshops that you can attend? Are there any prizes that you can enter to win? Make sure you explore all of the opportunities that you have. It isn’t every day that you are able to be in this type of paradise!

Genius Adventures is very excited to be attending the Serious Play Conference next week. Stay tuned to our social media for any posts, images, or videos that we put up! There will even be a livestream of our new game, Temple of Knowledge, on Wednesday. We can’t wait to find some new adventurers to explore the Temple with!

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