Peer to Peer Teaching

Often times when I finished teaching a lesson I would ask my students, now who can tell me what we just learned.  I used to do that because I wanted to assess how much of the lesson the students were capturing. Sometimes I would get several volunteers and other times I would need to request again.  When the student came up and explained what they understood of the lesson, the other students supported them and added to it. This is a form of peer learning. Now students can use technology to help teach other students.  Using Genius Plaza tools we are asking students to write an eBook explaining their year to the student that will occupy his/her same seat next year. Teachers, are you ready for this? To make it even more fun we will run a contest for the best #Peer2Peer eBooks.

Piaget’s theory tells us that children construct their knowledge from exploration and being actively involved in the teaching and learning process.  More and more we are seeing teachers inviting students to teach their peers. This allows the student to take pride and want to do their best since they are helping another student.  Students want to feel empowered that they can do something to help someone else.

These last days of schools are a great opportunity to invite current students to write to future students.  Having experienced the year and realizing all you learned together and how much you grew will help the student reflect. Let’s use the opportunity to have your students help a future student get an idea about their grade. Today Genius Plaza is inviting students to use our ebooks to write to future students.  Log on to and click on the icon   to begin writing.  Here are a few examples:

Future 9th grader

My Advice for Incoming 7th Graders

Dear future 3rd graders

My advice for incoming Kindergarteners

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