Mindful Communication is Key

Communication is very different today than it was thirty years ago.  If you wanted to send a note, it had to be written on a piece of paper and sent to one person, only to be received after a few days.  Now, exchanges of information happen almost instantaneously due to the development of technology, and these exchanges are open for anyone to see, depending on the platform you choose.  Different platforms include email, texting, and social media.  Social media allows us to see everything happening with family, friends, and even strangers’ lives.

With all of this new technology, one must know how to adjust what they say on different platforms, depending on the audience for whom it is intended.  You wouldn’t speak to your grandma the same way you talk to your sibling, would you? It is important to teach children how to differentiate between how they should speak to different audiences during the early stages of learning to read and write.

Similar to knowing their audience, it is also essential that students learn how to cultivate their own voice at a young age.  It needs to be understood that kids are the editors of their own voices.  During a TEDx Talk, former CEO of the Hawn Foundation Laurie Coots touches on the significance of one’s voice being “intentional, accountable, and mutually beneficial.”  It is a lot of work for anyone to filter their voice to communicate their point, let alone a young student attempting to navigate various platforms.

Considering both the need to know their audience and how to cultivate their own voice, it is fair to say voice must be addressed by educators, and taught in classrooms starting in a kid’s early years.  Not only does it create plentiful benefits for the child’s communication throughout their life, but it also fuels their confidence – a perfect way to ensure a great start as your child goes back to school.  

In the end, the biggest part of communication is knowing exactly what to say and to whom we are saying it.  Giving your child the opportunity to get a great education is the first step to creating their own voice.  With Genius Plaza, they learn to use the English language and become more confident as they use the platform to practice.



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