School is Back in Session Soon – here are some tips for middle school students!

Hey Genius Parents!  It’s almost that time of year again…time for our Geniuses to head back to school!  Although this isn’t a new routine, it changes as students get older and move throughout the grades.  Middle school is a new time for both students and parents, as our students begin to take on more responsibilities and become more independent.  Let’s look at a few ways we can help prepare and enable our students:

Organization is key! 

Middle school is a great time for students, because it is typically when they begin moving around to different teachers and classrooms for each subject.  I’m sure our students are excited for this change, but it comes with a catch: there are now different teachers and classes for which students are responsible, and that can create confusion as they adjust to the change.  It’s important to help our students stay as organized as possible, so it’s easier for them to stay on top of their work.  Student planners or agendas are helpful because they allow students to keep track of their workload in the same place.  These are also a great tool for us as parents, because we’re able to track our students’ workloads and homework to make sure everything is getting done.  Folders or binders also help students organize the workloads and handouts they’ll get from all these different classes!

Task management

Time management is more important than ever! 

If you thought you and your students were busy already, it only gets busier!  In middle school, students don’t just have different sports teams they can join, but other extracurricular activities they can participate in, too, including Drama Club, Environmental Club, Key Club, and Odyssey of the Mind, just to name a few.  Even if you don’t think any of those are the right fit for your student, have no fear: there are multiple clubs and activities students can join.  There’s a perfect club for everyone!

Time management and middle school
As great as these opportunities are, our students are at one of the busiest times in their lives, and schoolwork can often fall by the wayside in favor of the more fun activities.  It’s up to us as Genius Parents to help keep our students on track, so they still have enough time to complete their homework and projects for school.  Students can easily build new life skills and friendships through these other activities, but remember the activities are known as “EXTRAcurricular” for a reason!  These are meant to accompany their curricula, not replace it in the slightest.

This is a great time for our middle school students to become more independent as well.

Although they still won’t be driving or leaving for college for quite a few years, this is the perfect time to teach students the importance of being independent and responsible.  It might be a good idea to start on a small scale, such as having a list of chores they can do to help around the house, or even packing their own backpacks and lunches.  As students become more independent in their classrooms, it’s a great time for them to become more self-sufficient in their homes, too.  This autonomy benefits them, and they’ll appreciate the fact that you are recognizing how much they’ve grown up already!


These are just a few of the ways we can begin to enable our Geniuses as they keep growing into strong young adults. 

Summer might almost be over, but the year has only just begun!

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