Mathematics in Preschool Education

Matemáticas EducationMathematics in preschool education is a determining factor in how children begin to see the world. Suddenly, they realize that everything surrounding them can be explained through numbers, which for children, that becomes like a magic spell almost.

From the time they begin to say their first words, their brains notice that after they learn the names for their fathers, mothers and their siblings, the next thing they learn to do is count. Their first memories are full of those learning moments when they first learned their 1, 2, 3.

Then, when they begin school all of that information about mathematics becomes much more relevant. After all, the  main function of mathematics is to develop logical thinking, interpret reality and understand a form of language. Understanding mathematical concepts requires a long process that begins at the preschool level by building basic notions and continues all the way into high school with abstract concepts. It is important for children to build the basic mathematical concepts for themselves. Therefore, teachers must use the appropriate methodologies so that helps them learn these concepts in a simple and accessible manner.

Matemáticas EducationThe initial exposure to mathematics is important not because it is mandated it is because of its positive effects in cognitive development. Children need a strong base in primary mathematics. They need to learn number sequences, recognize shapes, count objects and differentiate spatial relationships (for example above and below). Getting children to learn and have fun is currently the biggest challenge teachers have. However, technology and modern education methodologies, facilitates these things. There are applications that provide easy and fun solutions for teachers when creating a math-oriented lesson plan such as Blobland. Visit and learn more about our game, which is aimed at teaching Math in a fun and engaging way.  Discover how you can include it in your lesson plan by following the link above.

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