Making education available and accessible to all students

We are extremely proud to be a part of the National Principal’s Conference taking place July 9 to the 11th in Philadelphia. In advance of the conference Genius Plaza was profiled by in a post called “National Principal’s Conference 2017: Genius Plaza Is Built on Diversity.

For us, as Kyle mentions in the post, it is about diversity and making sure “education is available and accessible to all students.” We strive to make sure 90%+ of our content is culturally relevant and shows diverse characters and individuals. We want our students to see themselves in the overall content we have.

And it is about access. We work to provide access to the best content to students in underserved areas. As highlighted in, we profile professionals who look like our students in STEAM careers. As Kyle points out “Genius Plaza uses a diverse range of professionals to highlight in this curricula. You’ll see doctors, lawyers and other professionals from different backgrounds.”

In fact when a student joins the platform he/she selects an avatar that’s based on a career in which they have interest. As students evaluate various career options, they’ll find starting salary, unemployment rate and all sorts of additional information about that career.

The content is presented in an animation for younger students, a video, a 360 video showing students’ the professionals’ places of work, and six leveled eBooks, worksheets, exercises and vocabulary sets in both English and Spanish.

This is one of the many ways we provide access. We invite you to read the post, to visit us at booth #934 and to visit the platform


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