Learning Summer Victory Challenge!

Last week we launched our Summer Victory Challenge, because we know a lesson a day will keep students ahead of the game.  The goal is for students to have fun while making sure they do not fall behind.  If you have not gotten started yet, here is a tutorial created by a user that you may find helpful: Tutorial on how to create account.

As you can see in the tutorial, each student takes a diagnostic test to help define their competency.  Once they take this test, they will receive daily lessons based on their given level.  The student will take a test every week on different topics to help them excel.

The following is information on the amount of time students should spend studying each day based on their competency level.

So how do we make it fun?  Here are some tips on things students can do on Genius Plaza.  They can win rewards and be entered into weekly raffles!


We are available to chat every day from 9 to 5 EST to help you and your family.  Keep an eye on our blog as we continue to share tips and information to make this a great summer!


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