Know the Blobland Levels

Blobland is an educational game that seeks to teach children while they have fun. It is designed to educate in different areas of mathematical knowledge using Singapore math techniques and the ABN method, among others. In the development process, the game has undergone many changes. In principle, it only had 15 levels that after many fixes, thanks to the help of the comments of the users and the field investigations, they have become 50 levels of four different types. Count numbers, write numbers, add two-digit numbers or add one-digit numbers, all while racing, stain a raft, draw numbers in a fountain or experience the adventure in the treasure temple. Each of the Blobland levels is carefully designed to meet a teaching goal for children.

Ancient Temple

This puzzle shows the basics of addition by grouping by 10. The objective is to transform a sum of complex numbers to a simpler one. For example, instead of adding 7 + 8 we group the numbers to form 10 + 5 which is a simpler sum. This way kids learn a fast way to do complex mental math.


Treasure Island

This puzzle shows the basics of column addition. Part of what makes column addition hard to understand is the concept of carrying the ten. The kids reposition the blobs to create a ten to move to the other column. Only 9 ones are allowed on the boat, so the ten has to be moved to a boat where it fits. In this way, the kids can see what is the meaning of “carrying the ten” and why it has to be done.

Royal Race

This puzzle teaches the numbers from 0 to 9 showing the relationship between concrete objects and the symbol. Kids have to put the right amount of blobs on each car so the cars can start or assign the right symbol to an amount of seated blobs. The objective is that kids learn to identify the amount of objects and assign a number to it, and viceversa. This serves as the fundamental foundation for for the beginning of mathematical learning.

Numbers Fountain

In this activity kids will learn to trace the numbers. Kids have to trace the numbers on the fountain to start the fountain dance. The goal is that kids practice number tracing in a fun way.


The Blobland team has designed each of these levels thinking about the educational contributions they will make to children and this is just the beginning. Go to our website and register to keep up with the latest news of the game.

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