June is Immigration Heritage Month!

June is the one month of the year we honor the people in our families who took the journey from their home country to the unfamiliar country we know as ‘The Land of the Free.’  Was it your great grandparents that migrated to America?  Maybe it was your grandparents or your parents. Or perhaps it was you who was brave enough for the quest?

If you are unsure, Immigration Heritage Month is the perfect opportunity to take time to learn more about your family history, and to acknowledge and appreciate the effort it took to immigrate to America.  The millions of people settling in the United States continues to increase each year.  With the growing number of immigrants entering the United States, America maintains its status as one of the most diverse countries in the world.  America’s diversity helps to make the nation more connected, and stronger as a whole.

The top ten countries for American immigrants are Mexico, the Philippines, China, El Salvador, Cuba, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, India, and Korea. I was surprised to discover that in 2015, five of the ten largest immigrant groups traveled from Latin American countries, making up 37.4% of all the people who immigrated to America.  

The Latino population made up only 3.24% of America’s population during the 1960s.  Within fifty-five years, America’s population now consists of over 17.6% Latinos, and there looks to be no sign of a decrease in Latino immigration any time soon.  

Americans are encouraged to celebrate the contributions immigrants have made to our society.  Join us in celebrating our heritage and in supporting your family, employees, friends, co-workers, and others by using the hashtag #IStandWithImmigrants!  Check out this website to learn more about the #IAmAnImmigrant campaign.




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