#HurricaneHarvey Relief Efforts

Harvey Recovery

Today we want to dedicate our blog to focus on  #HurricaneHarvey relief efforts with a focus on education.  We have seen many heroes during this very difficult time and have been inspired to see how people –  from local businesses, NFL stars, celebrities, to teachers – are coming together.

Hurricane Harvey’s Relief Efforts for Education

As we look at these efforts, we can’t forget that school districts across Texas and Louisiana are managing major issues as students prepare to head back to school.  As this Newsweek article points out, schools are going to face many challenges, including delays.  These districts, including Houston ISD, Corpus Christi ISD, and many others had to act quickly, and are providing critical support in various ways, including keeping their communities informed.  One example of this is Houston ISD providing updates via their blog.  These districts are also providing updates via social media.  Houston ISD announced that all students will be able to receive three free meals per day this school year and Corpus Christi ISD shared guidelines on how PTAs can provide support.

Efforts to Help Schools

There are many efforts focused on education.  One that caught our attention is the “Hurricane Harvey Teachers in Need” Facebook group, in which teachers are coming together to adopt classrooms. We also are seeing organizations such as our partner ALAS raising funds in support of these communities.

Celebrating Everyday Heroes

We commend everyone coming together, including many of our employees who are supporting Save the Children

If you know of any other efforts to help schools or kids, please share in the comments section below. Also join us in thanking the first responders, individuals, teachers, administrators, groups, and businesses that are providing critical support.


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