How to Prevent Learning Loss in the Summer

School has ended and more likely than not, parents are freaking out about the summer learning loss or summer slide phenomenon. As time shows over and over again, it’s a real thing.

According to a study published in 1996 by the American Educational Research Association, summer loss was equivalent to that of one month on a grade-level equivalent scale. This study is more acute for low-income families. It’s directly related to the overall conclusion that summertime contributes directly to academic inequality. While education continues with summer programs and activities for students from high-income families, low-income kids lose academic progress.

Recent studies published by David M. Quinn and Morgan Polikoff show that the extent of loss was larger at higher grade levels and the decline was sharper for math than for reading.

But how do you motivate a kid to stay engaged during the summer? By creating high-quality and engaging content that incentivizes kids. Simply put, let them become the leaders of their learning journey.

In that sense, Genius Plaza helps answer any parent’s prayers. There is grade-level content in different languages that address skills they will tackle later in the school year.

They can learn about different STEAM careers to get a better outlook on what they want to study later in life.

Children can engage in an educational activity with their peers without feeling like they’re doing homework. They can upload videos, create games, or exercises that help reinforce the concepts they are learning while sharing their experience with others who aren’t familiar with the topic.

Children can also immerse themselves in virtual reality programs that Genius Plaza offers. For example, they can have a virtual tour of Johnson & Johnson research labs or learn addition and subtraction from one of our teachers.

Genius Plaza’s goal is to close the educational gap by creating original high-quality content in over 30 languages. It also wants to entice creativity and imagination among children. Who said learning can’t be fun?

Download the Genius Plaza App on their phone and let your children have a great summer loving to learn!

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