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Today is National Checklist Day. Do you know what that means? Let me add that to the list of things I have to get done before going home – explaining what a checklist or a ‘to do’ list is.
It seems that every day our lives get more complex, hectic, and busier. We’re constantly trying to thrive in a competitive world, between appointments, meetings, metrics or goals, and trying to comply with what everyone expects from us. You might have not even think about it, but you may already be practicing the “art of writing down your daily tasks” without knowing it.
Here in Genius Plaza, we have daily scrum meetings to see what everyone is doing, what their daily tasks are if there’s something getting in each other’s way and how the group can help if there’s an impediment or an obstacle blocking the group as a whole from reaching their goal. A lot of companies use this system to make sure each department is effective and optimal. We’ve adopted that culture in our startup and while some might consider it a hassle, it’s easier to sit down with the members of your department and analyze what tasks you want to tackle and make sure everyone knows what you’re doing for the rest of the day. It’s also a good way to clear your thoughts and write down your plans for the day.
It could be an updated version of what you have in a daily planner. Nonetheless, being a tech startup, we’re here to make your life easier and more practical so we’ve compiled a list of a few other websites that can help with the checklist planning for you to deliver your best self.

One of the most popular websites to increase productivity is According to their website, over 350,000 people from 76 countries use this website. It has customizable options and colorful tabs that keep it entertaining. It has a trial period but after that, users need to subscribe. There’s an array of options depending on which one suits you best.

Another option is signing up to It’s an easy way to make checklists for everything. They even have popular categories displayed on the website with pre-written checklists in case you’re forgetting something. It has +25 categories and it’s set up is user-friendly as well. You can create free checklists to send to as many people as you deem fit. is another checklist that we’d like to include, due to the useful checklists with simple and beautiful templates it offers. The first 3 checklists are free, then you can upgrade for $9 monthly. The checklists are private by default, but you can also share them with others just by adding their emails. You can also add animated gifs and take the checklists with you wherever you go by accessing the website through your smartphone.

One more website that helps to bring a sense of accomplishment is It’s accessible in over 11 platforms, including Android, iOS, and web. It allows you to update your activities through voice input, backing up and restoring data, with multiple reminders to accomplish all your goals, and much more. You can create up to 9 checklists for free but the features are very limited unless you upgrade for $27.99 annually.
Overall, it’s not a bad idea to consider integrating these virtual checklists into your daily routine to become the best possible version you want to be. Besides helping you stay organized and on top of things, it helps to put things in perspective and allows you to celebrate the small victories as you cross out the milestones you’ve reached.

With that being said, I can cross out this blog post and continue with other tasks at hand before calling it a day. Happy National Checklist Day! I hope your day is as productive as mine.

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