Parents learn allot from their children each time they are on holiday.

It time for the holidays again! The children craze is finally here! It is the time for parents to watch over their children and for the teachers to take some well deserved vacations.

Holidays for Teachers and Parents.

For teachers, the holidays period is an emotional time as most of them miss their students. However, for some it is an opportunity to take a break, which means more personal time to reflect on life and carry out self-evaluations. Some teachers use this moment to go back to the drawing board and plan for their next of school semester. However, for parents, this time period means their schedules will be very busy. Their busy schedule involves picking up their children from school, making plans on how to keep them busy, buying enough food to feed them, and following up on their educational performance and progress from the previous term.

Holidays for children.

On the other hand, for children, the holiday period means lots of play time and opportunities to meet with friends and visit cousins. At the end of the school term, they return to their homes with a new information. They talk to their parents about all these different and strange things that they have learned about. Thus, causing cross generational learning as the parents acquire these new knowledge from their children.

During this time, parents also get an opportunity to bond and connect with their children by trying to understand them and by helping them through their developmental stages.

Therefore, it is important to remember that even if the holidays are busy, it is still a very important period for parent and child bonding. Just as the teachers foment the knowledge in their children, the parents also take part in nurturing it and helping it grow.

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