Genius Plaza presents: The Genius Plan!

Entertain your children and yourself at a fun-filled live show designed for everyone by Genius Plaza. Open the door to reveal fun-packed moments with contagious music in The Genius Plan! Join our actors and puppets in a storytelling fun adventure to defeat a virus that has us feeling green and blue. Are we going to be able to defeat the virus?

What’s The Genius Plan! about?

This is the story of two puppets named Four and Five that are thrown out of their Genius PreK app and into real-life! A virus has made them sick and they need help from a scientist named Professor I.T. Peapod. Along with his newest invention, a robot named Gene the Genius, the professor and the puppets interact with the audience to stop the virus and send Four and Five back to the app where they live.

Throughout the duration of the show, children will help stop the virus, but they will also be immersed in the language, scientific, mathematical and socio-emotional skills. Our show includes comedy, music, and drama, as well as many participation opportunities for the children.

What ages can participate?

The Genius Plan! is an educational show for preschoolers (2-4) and children ages (5-7).

How much does the show cost?

The Genius Plan! is a show targeted for every child and their teachers, completely free. Nonetheless, we strongly advise registering in advance.

Does my school need to schedule transportation?

Transportation is actually the school’s responsibility, but our team can gladly assist you with transportation options to suit your needs.

How can I participate in my school?

Here is the list of our upcoming shows! Stay tuned for updates.

11/10/18: Highland Elementary Lake Worth, FL

11/26/18: Oakland, CABook now

11/27/18: San Jose, CABook now

11/28/18: San Franciso, CABook now

12/14/18: Miami, FL

1/29/18: Orlando, FL

2/4/19: San Antonio, TX

3/4/19: Austin, TX

3/20/19: Anaheim, CA

4/29/19: Houston, TX

5/29/19: Somerset, NJ

6/24/19: Philadelphia, PA

8/29/19: Los Angeles, CA


If you would like to book a show at your school or local theater, please contact us and we would love to perform for you and your little geniuses. Access for more details!

Ana Cruz

Early Childhood Educator turning ideas into reality - I believe that every child is a potential genius.

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