Genius Plaza MVP: Blobland

The process to develop a product in a startup or in any environment with high levels of uncertainty is very different from the traditionally used model. In a startup, both the problem (the customer’s need) and the solution (what the product should do) are unknown. This requires a combination of a process of analysis to understand the client’s problem through hypotheses and experiments, and at the same time, develop the solution through data and feedback. In practice, this process requires the development of prototypes and multiple versions of the product in order to show it to customers and refine it based on their reactions.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a key strategy to help startups build their product while learning what the market needs, by focusing on multiple iterations of the product to debug it based on customer feedback .

Kids Playing Blobland

This is the strategy that is being implemented to create the game Blobland, which MVP version was released on June 14. The product seeks to present an application focused on children from 5 years of age that help create learning through play. The game, even before being released, has been tested with children of different ages, who have shown a good acceptance and motivation to play. These tests guide the developers on what direction to take with regards of color, sounds and illustrations that attract children the most. The kids have shown a lot of interest and competitiveness for the challenge that the game present, finding the ways to solve mathematical problems (like 7 + 5 = ?)  efficiently. When playing with their classmates, they compete among themselves to see who solves the puzzle faster or who manages to reach the end of the game first. The development team has a great experience with every visit seeing how the children react, even with more agility than expected, not only showing great skill with numbers, but also playing the application counting and adding in English and Spanish.

Kids playing BloblandCurrently the product has a version of 15 levels, where the children enjoy counting and testing their skills and knowledge in a fun way. The team is working on updates to improve the experience and fix the errors found so far. We are interested in continuing to explore the limitations of Blobland, so we invite you to download it in Google Play or App Store and tell us your experience.


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