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Every year EdTech industry leaders, education administration leaders, educators, and students convene at SET Lab, an annual educational innovation conference to redesign education and drive innovation within the field. This year, they brought nine educational scientists from the 2017-2018 SET Lab delegation to present their research, six groups of students from three schools to present innovative projects, and industry leaders to demo their products and build relationships with key stakeholders. GeniusPlaza came to SET Lab to announce the launch of their new platform, GeniusXR which empowers teachers to easily use augmented reality with their existing lesson plan. Schools interested in exploring this technology and platform can contact us here to schedule a school visit to try it out or give us remote feedback about the product on our insights panel here.

Education and educators, by nature, tend to be more collaborative than their counterparts in other industries, they always want to learn and implement the best practices in their field. That said, it is no secret that our education ecosystem has become stagnant and lags behind the times, especially in the midst of our current technological revolution. Programs like SET Lab are critical to driving progress because they bring all these stakeholders together into an educational think tank to develop and implement better learning and teaching practices.

Set Lab 2018

This year, it became very obvious which ideas were most important to driving the future of education and what needs to happen for these ideas to become reality. The central theme of the conference revolved around the impact technology has on student-centered learning and empowering educators to spend more time personalizing learning opportunities for their students rather than planning generic lessons. One of the biggest challenges, even the most innovative educators face is that the current curriculums have not caught up with current technological capabilities which put them into a huge predicament: using old-school curriculums with limited technology or using innovative technology with limited curriculums? Neither of these options is effective nor advance education.

GeniusPlaza, as a harbinger of digital education, cultivated a major presence at SET Lab this year highlighting ways to leverage digital technology to ignite the genius of every child. In addition to sharing how our education platform is democratizing education, we announced our new initiative to pioneer emerging technologies that extend learning beyond the classroom: Genius XR.

Introducing Genius XR

The Genius XR platform currently brings language acquisition modalities into 3D, elevating the experience for ELL educators and students while putting them at the forefront of EdTech innovation. With the goal of empowering teachers to effortlessly use AR to augment their existing lesson plans, Genius XR can reduce lesson planning time and give educators more autonomy to personalize their students’ learning. Now educators have the opportunity to engage students with innovative technology that not only accommodates the existing curricula but facilitates the development of future curricula. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality does not require a headset, all you need is a smartphone or tablet. This means it’s easy to engage every student, not just one at a time, making it an attractive tool for any educator.

Rather than developing Genius XR inside our own bubble, we are collaborating with educators and education leaders to co-develop the most effective solution to bring AR into the classroom. We are currently accepting partners and schools to give feedback and share what your vision for AR in classrooms. These efforts help us create the best experience for students around the world. In less than an hour of your teachers’ and students’ time, you can contribute your perspective to our growing app. contact us here to schedule a school visit. For at home app feedback don’t forget to sign up for our insights panel here.

What do you want to see AR used for in the classroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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