Our Philosophy of Educational Board Games

educational board games

What goes into making an educational board games? It starts with an educational goal and a game idea.

Why board games?

Educational games come in many forms—video games, group activities, and gamification of schoolwork are a few. Board games offer a different type of interaction, however.

Board games have been around for thousands of years and have been enjoyed by people of all different cultures, classes, and ages. They are inherently social and face-to-face. They are tactile, and the players run the game and enforce (or ignore) the rules.

While tablets and computers are valuable educational tools, board games aren’t digital or dependent on screens.

Core concepts

At the center of an educational board game isn’t the game but the ways students will learn materials and prove their knowledge.

An educational board game should:

  • Have frequent and integral educational elements—the game cannot be played without the educational element
  • Encourage discussion and cooperation between students
  • Have characters the players can identify with. Players will know who they are, what they can do, and where they are on the board.
  • Focus on team goals, not individual goals
  • Require critical thinking both in gameplay and in educational materials

How can educational board games be used as learning tools?

Some educational board games are designed to teach a single concept or subject through the game itself. Other games incorporate educational materials outside of the game so that they can be played to learn or review any subject.

The latter model is versatile and customizable to the needs of the students. At the same time, they depend on games that are fun. If done well, students may forget that they are playing an educational game.

A successful game is one that students want to play not only in the classroom but also on their own time, at home with friends or family.

Genius Adventures is striving to make games that do just this. Our games will be compatible with all subjects and will tell adventurous tales that put students in the middle of fantastic quests.

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