Education-related News Headlines August 11, 2017

Education-related News Headlines

As we continue to get ready for #back2school, here are some headlines that caught our attention.

Research and Analysis News

We shared this other story on bilingualism on our social media platforms but wanted to share again. This piece focuses on a study from Princeton University,  “Bilingual babies listen to languages — and don’t get confused.”
The Education Policy Institute released a report on “closing the gap in attainment between disadvantaged pupils and their peers.” One of the findings: “The most disadvantaged pupils in England have fallen further behind their peers, and are now, on average, over 2 full years of learning behind non-disadvantaged pupils by the end of secondary.” Read more here.


This week we also read that Minnesota is revamping how it identifies low-performing schools. Read more here.  

General Education-related News Headlines

This week, KQED had a piece on the importance of teacher training as bilingual education grows in California. According to the story, “L.A. Unified is leading the pack of school districts in the state opening new bilingual education programs. It’s opening 16 new programs this coming academic year, bringing the total to 101 bilingual programs.”

As an EdTech company, this story from KMTV caught our attention. Note the research: “approximately 40 percent of students use computers during instructional time and about 15 percent of schools have an iPad or laptop for each student.”

Last week we shared this story about the expansion of GI Bill education benefits. Today we share a story on how more veterans have enrolled in college with post 9/11 GI Bill.



Here is one of our favorite stories from this week: Alabama teachers have back-to-school surprise for middle-school girls. Great initiative!

Did you catch today’s #GoogleDoodle? This is how we use #HipHop!

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