Promoting Edtech in African schools.

Education and elearning.

eLearning, serves the purpose of creating a paradigm shift in education. And in the global platform that embraces inclusiveness in learning. This fits our ideal learning system i.e  “a learning and performance system that includes enhancing individual and organisational effectiveness. by connecting people and supporting them with a broad range of content, processes, and technologies to drive performance.”

The Genius education platform bridges the education gaps between the students and the teacher. In a conventional setting, the teacher serves as the centre for information dissemination and has the responsibility of teaching the learners all the concepts within a lesson.

The Genius Classroom.

However, in a Genius Classroom, the student has the responsibility of learning the topics and understanding them through study materials such as; e-books, videos, audio, text file, slideshows, references, and external links provided by the EdiTech platform. So, in this way, eLearning places more learning opportunities and materials for both the teacher and the students as well as any other beneficiaries. This paradigm shift in learning, human-performance technology, and informal learning are notable efforts in attempts to build effective eLearning environments. Genius Plaza’s education platforms uses all these paradigms in its functioning.

The Learning Environment.

There are several instances where institutions and other organisations have adopted and incorporated technology in learning to  create the standard eLearning system. In addition, innovative eLearning solutions have been developed to improve learning and build a cohesive learning environment. The genius plaza education platform is emerging as the best method to improve learning and retention amongst Schools, students, communities, and governments  adopting to education Technology.

The education system as a universal tool, has also evolved greatly in Africa leading to more advanced/improved ways of imparting knowledge and enhancing development; From conventional channels, to internet-based channels. EdiTech has overseen this change with great success so far.

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