Connecting Directly with the Communities We Serve

This summer, some members of the Genius Plaza team, including Alejandra Hurtado, Darlene Cordero, and I attended the UnidosUS – formerly known as NCLR – Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  We hosted a booth at the National Latino Family Expo, which consisted of different types of companies engaging directly with the communities they serve.  Many different businesses participated, including FedEx and Univision.

As an intern who had only been working at Genius Plaza for six weeks, I was nervous to be attending my first conference, but excited about the opportunity and the confidence the team had in me.  I was worried I did not know enough about the company, and that I would not be able to answer questions.  I was pleasantly surprised with myself at how much I had learned about this innovative, revolutionary company.

During the conference, I was able to discuss how Genius Plaza’s content is designed for Pre-K through 12th grade with an emphasis in math, science, English language arts, and STEAM careers.  In addition, I was able to explain to parents and educators that our programs are all available in Spanish and English, while implementing diversity throughout.

I enjoyed talking about our co-creation option, which allows students to become protagonists of their own learning. One of the highlights was providing attendees with a sneak peek into our newly launched Pre-K program.

As I talked to people about Genius Plaza, it was amazing to see the reactions of parents and educators who loved our mission.  They expressed a need for Genius Plaza in their children’s and students’ lives.

One of my favorite parts was watching kids who had never used a virtual reality (VR) headset before.  They loved walking around our booth with their arms out, entering a new world of information, just by putting on one of our VR headsets.  It was often hard to get the headset back from them, because they were enjoying themselves so much.  Their reaction when we did the raffles was priceless.

Sharing these memorable moments with parents, educators, and children at the conference really gave me a sense of pride for the company I have been working for this summer.  I believe attending different types of conferences and being able to talk directly to our target audience are very beneficial ways for us to explain how Genius Plaza would be perfect for their children or students.

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