Choosing the Right Technology


Today’s society is technology driven.  It’s like kids are born with a tablet/phone in their hand and swiping is as natural as breathing. The challenge this brings is finding the happy medium and not wasting precious teachable moments on mindless tech. How do we decide which moments are mindless and which ones are worth our students’ time?  The market is saturated with an abundance of ed tech tools, especially as STEM/STEAM/STREAM trends in what’s hot in the curriculum.


Inspired by an article posted to iD Tech camp’s blog, here are some guidelines to follow in order to choose the right tech for our learners:


  1. Allows for creativity and freedom of expression
  2. Aids in socialization and collaboration
  3. Empowers and allows for independence
  4. Improves problem-solving skills and perseverance
  5. Instills an entrepreneurial spirit
  6. Enhances learning
  7. Prepares our learners to enter the workforce in the future


I would say that if an ed tech tool/product meets four (majority rules!) or more of these guidelines, then it’s worth your while (as well as your students’).


So now it is time for a shameless plug: offers a platform where your students can be creative and show what they know using Sparks. Kids can create e-books, videos, games, questions, and more. The platform also allows students to share and view content with kids all over the world in a safe and monitored environment. Meant as a tool for students to take control of their learning, regardless of their learning style or challenges, Genius Plaza’s tools aim to democratize education.  Teachers, students, and parents that use Genius Plaza would agree that the platform meets most if not all of the above guidelines.


Let’s get the right tech into the hands of our geniuses!

For more information on Genius Plaza, check out our website, , and feel free to contact me at to learn how to SPARK the genius in your students!  

Brenda Matos

Former teacher turned product designer on a mission to continue the work of making a difference in the lives of children by providing teachers with the right tools.

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