If You Change Your Thoughts You Can Change the World

As a teacher, think back to your routine this morning. You probably did what you always do; pour a cup of tea, read the section of the newspaper you always turn to first, or clicked to your preferred morning TV or radio show. You likely had awoken at the same time you always do and even rolled out of the same side of the bed to which you’re accustomed.

We like routines. We are comforted by the familiar. Face- it, humans are creatures of habit. And so are teachers.  That’s a good thing to a fault. When we automatically revert to familiar practices and procedures and don’t even consider whether changing things would give us better results, therefore we may not be maximizing our capabilities as teachers.

Educational Theme

My educational theme is challenging yourself to change. Note; the two concepts. We teachers need to change and it is indeed a challenge. We have been highly successful for more than a century and the tendency is to keep doing what we do because that’s how we’ve always done it. But the world around us has changed and we need to change, too.

Genius Plaza Change

It’s been said, if you change your thoughts you can change the world. The only real impediment to us educationists evolving and increasing our stature and numbers in our communities is ourselves. We belong to a great institution that has proven its value from generation to generation globally.

We teachers, have the formula for success. Service to others is a magnificent, noble endeavor with great benefits. And we have a lot of fun while we serve. But we must evolve from our conservative education practices, not to be chained to them.

Teachers, be creative, use your imagination, dream up new ways of teaching to better the lives of your students and pupils, attracting new members and service beyond self. Respond to your changing community with a fresh approach and bold ideas. Be practical and prudent but don’t hesitate to improvise and experiment. No one likes change. But everyone relishes success. Yes, it’s an overused phrase but think outside that box. The world wants us and needs us. Our service is indispensable. It’s up to us to remain relevant.

What new changes are you bringing to your classroom this year?

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