Bye Bye Summer

Summer GamesVacations are almost over. A month ago the biggest concern was what to do with the children during summer? How to keep them active, entertained and learning? Summer camps were the preferred choice of parents this summer, as they give children the opportunity to develop in areas of interest. From sports to artistic activities, the camps help children to stay active during the holiday weeks so as not to lose the routine.

Other options were home camps, games, trips or family activities. No doubt there were many options available to keep children active during the holidays. But now that we are a few weeks away from the big return to school, how can we make children change the switch without getting bored with classes? How to make them see this return to school as something fun?

Not all children have fun at school, which should alarm us. It is normal for a child between 4-7 years to go to school enthusiastically, because at that age their curiosity is easily ignited, and school is the place where they can exploit it and feed their desire for knowledge. Between those ages the academic activities should be very game oriented. How can a child refuse to go to a place where they can play all day with friends?

Modern educational methods have shown us that we have more and better results if we use more inclusive strategies. Allowing children to learn through playful-didactic activities means that they do not feel restricted in schools, but feel that they have control and learning is more a personal achievement than a requirement of the teacher.

For this reason, something very positive that we can do is show our children games that are not only didactic, but that are so fun that they show them to their teachers when they return to school and have them included in their academic process. It is always recommended for parents to be in constant search for games and activities that may be helpful for their children. Especially, we always recommend a very educational game that can be used on any smart device and can be downloaded from all stores for free. Blobland is an ideal game for children, not only during vacations, but also during classes, because in this game children can train their memory, apply knowledge already learned in school, learn how to count, develop basic knowledge of a new language, and it is very fun. In addition to Blobland, you can find many educational games on the Genius Plaza platform and keep your children’s minds active, so that class still feels like vacation to them.

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