Bullying: An Eternal Enemy That Gets Worse Every Day

BullyingIn August of this year, the case of a 9-year-old boy who committed suicide after suffering bullying in his school by his fourth-grade classmates due to his sexual preference was made public. Jamel Myles felt sure of himself thanks to the support he had from the most important person in his life, his mother, who never thought that four days after entering the fourth grade he would have to say goodbye to him forever, because children of 9 years old, fellow students of his little one, saw it as normal to tell Jamel “you should kill yourself for being gay”.

Bullying is a problem that is not new and most of those who are today parents suffered in their schools, of course many of them understand that if they could with that their children can do it too but, what is the difference of bullying in the 80s with today’s bullying?

BullyingIn the 80s there was no social networks. The aggression that we suffered at that time, most of the time, did not leave school and don’t was more than offensive nicknames and sometimes physical aggression. But today’s bullying is a constant pressure. Children are exposed to aggression in schools and when they arrive at home, instead of resting from this nightmare, torture continues only through social networks. It does not solve anything to change the School Boy because his aggressor can pursue it eternally thanks to technology.

But are these children the real guilty? As a parent, are you aware of how you treat your child and the consequences that this has onBullying their education? If you hit at your son, you make joke of him for anything, even if you see him as “harmless”, you hit him as a “correction method” or you solve everything in a violent way, you will only get him to do the same.

It’s impossible to imagine 9-year-olds telling to a partner how to take his own life because he feels proud of being homosexual, but if you as a parent in front of your child express yourself in a derogatory way towards the sexual preferences of others, this is just what you are teaching them to do. Homosexuality is a sensitive issue that is not easy to explain to children about it, but cultivating hatred at an early age through ignorance or to “avoid” awakening our children’s curiosity on the subject, we are just doing Bullyingit badly, because this it only ends in tragedies like that of little James Myles.

October is the month of conscience about bullying but this does not mean that only this month we should fight with this problem. Let us be better parents and let us become aware that behind a child who bullying there is only one parent unaware of his actions.

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