Blobland: The Process

Kids playing Blobland

When you have a project in mind it is very easy to build a perfect image of it. In our mind there are no errors or rejections. However, when our idea materializes and sees the light everything acquires a new color and the most important question arises: will this be appealing to the public?

Blobland is a game that was born so that children using the application can learn and reinforce their knowledge while having fun in a healthy and educational way. The game is designed to be accepted by children from the visual (characters, colors and music) to its programming, but in the end the they are the real judges. Following the strategy of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) we are dedicated to do all the possible tests to achieve a product just right for the children.

To have a clear idea of ​​the response children may have of this game, we held meetings with different teachers, which were very helpful in showing us the steps to take to appeal the children. The different teachers gave us important details to know where to focus to have a greater acceptance from their students and  how to deliver the concepts better.

In order to understand what kids like we visited schools, camps and children’s events, having direct contact with children to get first hand feedback. We also reached out their parents to publicize the project and hear their opinion. We still have a long way to go with only 15 levels available in the stores and working in other worlds that will be uploaded as soon as possible. Blobland is a reality and we want to continue to receive the impressions of anyone who wants to contribute their two cents. If the project draws your attention or if you are a parent and you are looking for a game that not only amuses, but also educates your child, download our application from Google Play or App Store and tell us what you like and what we can do to improve.

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