Blobland: Discovering The Treasure

Can you imagine what it would be like for your children to learn mathematics from the comfort of their homes? DON’T WAIT ANY MORE! This Thursday arrives at the stores: Blobland.

This fun game developed by Genius Plaza, seeks to educate children while playing. In it children will find fun puzzles that provide quality entertainment along with a rich learning experience of mathematics. The game is appropriate for children from 5 years old and up, who can learn more about the nature of numbers and arithmetic operations with just knowing how to count.

Blobland innovates by taking techniques, rules and basic concepts of mathematics as the foundations for the creation of puzzles. Some include Common Core techniques, that tell us that mathematical and linguistic skills are essential in Kindergarten through twelfth grade so that they can get ready for college. In addition, it take as a starting point the mathematics of Singapore, which are a paradigm of conceptual understanding of mathematical problems using visual resources to make thought visible and work on metacognition in students. Thats means that instead of focusing on the memorization and application of formulas in a repetitive way, they can associate symbols or visual elements to perform mathematical operations.

Blobland wants that instead of dealing with abstractions and symbols, children can manipulate concrete and tangible objects to solve exercises and thus understand mathematical concepts in a more intuitive way.

The game has numerous characters full of color that are super attractive for children, headed by The Prince Blob, which in each level will give us the guidance that we need to move towards the center of an ancient temple in search for a hidden treasure. What will you find there …? Discover it by playing!

In this version we find 15 levels where children discover the treasure using their knowledge while having fun. This activity presents a puzzle based on a very used technique of addition in the mathematics of Singapore, whose objective is to transform the sum of more complex numbers to a simpler sum by grouping them in 10. In this way, children learn a quick way to do complex sums mentally associating the color of each character with a number.

Blobland will be available in Google Play and Apps Store starting this Thursday June 14 for the enjoyment of all. To keep up with all the news that Blobland brings, go to and stay tuned.

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