Blobland as a Technological Resource in Educational Centers

Metodos de EnseñanzaEducation today employs alternative teaching methods that give children autonomy over how they learn and the pace at which they do it. In these times when technology has such power in the learning process of children, schools must find ways to use technological resources that can support the teaching process and at the same time be accepted by the protagonists of this process: children. Fortunately, there are applications that can be used on any smart device and support schools to reinforce knowledge in specific areas. Next we will talk about a game that can help children become interested in the topic they most “hate” in their school years: mathematics.

Kids Playing BloblandBlobland is a game that can be used by children from 4 years of age, even earlier depending on the child’s agility, in which they learn math in an easier way. The game teaches them to count by associating numbers with tangible elements and manipulated by them within the application. It is a game designed to capture the attention of children with their colors, characters and sounds so that as they progress, they begin to learn the basic concepts of addition. The game can be used in schools as a support in the learning of mathematics because the methodology used by Blobland is already used in countries like Spain and others in Central and South America with the name of ABN Method.

The ABN method is a method that seeks to help children manage numbers in a simple way using games with tangible objects such as clothespins or balls. In the games, they add one or ten values ​​to each element and thus perform mathematical operations where when you add each element you get a result. This method used from 2008 to 2009 reached great popularity for the benefits it brings to children’s learning:

– Improves the calculation capacity that is based on the numbering domain without the need for Metodo ABNadditional tricks.

– It is a method that adapts to the student. There is not a single way to calculate, so the child can choose the path to follow when solving problems.

– It helps the development of self-confidence.

– It makes children more creative.

– It brings quality to learning.

– The playful character contributes to the subject of mathematics.

– Increases the satisfaction of teachers and parents.

Blobland is an application ready for download on any smart device and offers children all these benefits in a simpler way. In it, children can have total autonomy of what they play and the pace at which they want to do it. In addition to this, schools can use it in their teaching method to give children more leisure time where they can expand their knowledge.

Technology opens a world of possibilities, let’s learn to exploit the resources we have on hand to provide our children with the best education. If you want more information, go to: and learn more.

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