Blobland: A numbers adventure


BloblandIn search of providing parents and teachers with a didactic, educational and productive tool for their children’s activities, Genius Plaza is developing for the world the game Blobland. This fun game, aimed at children between 5 and 8 years old, seeks to teach the basics of arithmetics by solving puzzles that require the usage of the basic rules of mathematical operations. Blobland seeks to be a fun game for children, offering quality entertainment and a deep learning experience at the same time.

A child that knows how to count will understand better the arithmetic operations only by playing the game and clarify those confusing points of the mathematical rules that complicated our lives at that age. Blobland will come to simplify not only the lives of children, but also the lives of parents who can rest assured knowing that their children invest hours in front of the tablet in a productive way and to the teachers who will not have to invest hours explaining the same concept over and over again, because just by playing Blobland children will seamlessly assimilate those points that make math classes tedious. Undoubtedly one of the main advantages of educational video games is that what is learned is better retained, since the student himself becomes an actor, not simply a recipient of the message. He participates in his own learning and is responsible for remembering rules, tricks or ways that will help him to continue advancing in the game all this while improving his attention span.

Accompany us in the creation of this original educational experience. The game, in an early access version, will be available in Google Play and the App Store by the 15th of June. Stay tuned to learn more about it!

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