The Importance of the Arts in STEAM

During a recent conversation with an executive from a tech firm, he asked why we were focused on “STEAM” rather than “STEM.” Genius Plaza has long been a champion for the arts – the “A” in STEAM. That is why this recent post by Jennifer Brown caught my attention. She points to a recent piece by Tom Perrault titled “Digital Companies Need More Liberal Arts Majors,” in which the author states, “There will be a limit to how far computers can replace human capabilities, at least in the near long term.”


The Arts as a Focus in 2017


This year there seems to be many more thought pieces and articles on this topic. Earlier this summer, in the piece titled “People Like Condi Rice and Albert Einstein Show Why We Need the Arts”, Tim Kaine points to a paper by Dr. Robert Root Bernstein from 2008 which found that, “Nobel Laureates in sciences are twenty-two times more likely than the average scientist to sing, dance, act, or perform in some way; seven times more likely to be a visual artist; and twelve times more likely to write poetry and literature.”

Albert Einstein


Additionally, this week in Education Drive, there was a feature about how Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland is incorporating the arts into their STEM efforts. Bravo!


Preparing the Future Generation of Geniuses



At Genius Plaza, this is music to our ears. You see, for our founder and CEO, Ana Roca Castro, focusing on STEAM has never been a question. We are thrilled to see the private and public sector increase focus on the “A” as we prepare the future generation of geniuses. Be on the lookout for updates from us on the “A” in STEAM.


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