AI in the Classroom

Artificial Intelligence is still in its infantile stages when it comes to Education Technology, also known as Edtech. The possibilities could be endless with the right imagination and funds. Currently, AI can be used in basic grading, using voice assisted programs for research purposes, and personalized learning. AI is the next frontier in EdTech.

For grading purposes, AI can grade multiple-choice (MC) and single response questions. Perhaps, where AI can make the biggest impact is in grading essays and for higher level math courses, to help grade complex problems where showing the work is required. One of the biggest complaints from educators is the amount of time required to grade assignments. The majority of the time, “grading papers” is taken home. Teachers would give their right arm for help to alleviate their grading duties.

AI has even made it seamless to research topics and concepts by expressing a few keywords out loud. For instance, when using voice assistant like Alexa you can say something like “Alexa, who is Martin Luther King Jr.?” You can use AI voice assistance for different types of homework assignments and reminders. Here are 9 different tips on how you can use Alexa. Another great tool, I believe, is voice assistance allows you to curate any information you find and save it in a folder.

The ultimate impact AI can have in education is creating and assigning personalized learning paths. There are EdTech companies that offer some solutions in that capacity, but they’re still limited. Edtech would need to take data to create pathways, but in the end, the educator will have to implement personalized pathways and strategies. There is a missing link once data is collected, and it’s where the teacher will use the data collected to improve student engagement. We all want our students to learn but if they are not engaged, they will not be motivated to learn.

AI is becoming more well known in education. There are more and more conversations being held on how to improve on it and how to implement it in the classroom. ISTE, one of the most well known nonprofit educational organizations, offers a course for teachers showing them how to utilize AI in the classroom. They also run one of the largest EdTech conferences in the United States. If you want to learn more about the benefits of conferences, please check out my previous post. Our team would love to hear how you have implemented AI in your classroom or how you have used it as a student. How do you feel about the inclusion of AI in the classroom?

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Educator looking to motivate and ignite the genius in every child through use of technology.

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  • February 22, 2019 at 9:52 am

    Quillionz is a great example of AI in Edtech. It’s a free AI-powered tool that generates questions from your learning text content within seconds. Here’s a link if you wish to give it a try –


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